New website, wow

Well I just created another project and it's called THPSVido , I spent probably some months working on it and it just feels great coming back at it, looking at it and just remember all the crazy things that was happening at the time, I mean crazy because I was just learning how to do Livewire components but I remember the excitement when I was creating that, fun times! The website is probably my love letter to my favourite video game, this video game I been playing for my entire life, it is the end all be all video game for me. But enough of that, uhm yeah that's what's been going on at least on my journey as web developement. I have to say coming back to this blog and writing again it feels great, feels great to have this and still be able to write and talk about my stuff. Anyway THPSVido is nowhere near of being completed but I guess I tackled the main parts of it, it's basically a website that connects to an API (shoutout to TylerLasagna) where it has hundres of THPS videos. I would love to come back at it and work on it some more but I just won't, not because I don't want to deal with it's code but I would like to start a new, meaningful project going on. In the meantime I know there's not much to look at right now but if you're reading, if you happen to be reading this, just know that I appreciate you for it, thanks and have a good one! Cheers! 😆😆😆😆🥳

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