Getting started

Slowly but surely the process of maintaining and building the blog is taking form. Can't believe myself when I say it but yes I am starting to realize this is what it means to actually "blog", I mean it is different than being a "blogger" and to that extent what is a blogger? Who knows. What I want to get at is that maintaining a website or a blog I guess you never know what that would entail, if you're the person adding or removing "stuff". For example, I created the styling for the blog, the back-end implementation (Laravel) and all of that good stuff but is that what a blogger must do? No, so technically I am not a blogger im a website developer/designer I am proud to say I started this little project a while ago and now it's taking a more mature turn, for the best.

Changes in the blog

- Im working on making a better "navigation experience" (note that I will sometimes refer to "common web things" using different names) or "user experience".

The navbar on top changed drastically it's still, in essence the same thing it has my logo and it has the same social media links to the same websites, but the difference is in size, one of the benefits for this it's that, now it feels more "compacted" and to me that means that I've gone through several changes with the component that I can safely say that's the best practice for my website. or at the very least that's one benefit. Logo (which is technically incorrect) is different, using a different type face made it seem less "generic" and the icon of it more dynamic, modern, more personal if you will, there are a lot of things I could say about it, maybe in a later post. So the navbar changed and one of the other changes came in with the menu links, color is added everytime you hover on top of them and now there's a delay animation in the transition; from 1 color to another. Good stuff!

That's it for now, as to what's next, well who knows but there are more things to talk about. Feel free to leave a comment down below (in the comment section! yay😄)

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