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My life is a method

I just spent like 2 hours (maybe less) trying to make a method function in Laravel. That's my life right now. Yep. And you might say "but why would you even do that?!!!" I'll tell you why if I had an answer because I really don't know how I can spend...

Getting started

Slowly but surely the process of maintaining and building the blog is taking form. Can't believe myself when I say it but yes I am starting to realize this is what it means to actually "blog", I mean it is different than being a "blogger" and to that...

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Thanks for stopping by! 😀 and welcome to my blog where I will keep things updated regarding the things that I do creatively and those things that I keep learning, design-wise or web development-wise. Let's keep in touch, comment in you feel like it and I promise I will keep this interesting, thanks!

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